Renting your bike to others

Step 1

When someone wants to hire your bicycle, you will receive an email confirming the details of your booking (including the period of hire, name of the person responsible for the booking, etc). You can confirm the booking by clicking on the button that says "CONFIRM" .
NB: You may receive more than one booking request from multiple users for the same bike on the same date. The fastest user in response that will obtain your bike!

Step 2

Reconfirming the booking by both will result in a confirmation message on the website and an email to your email address showing all the information necessary to effect the booking (telephone number and address of the other party). Only at this point will you be able to contact the other person using the messaging interface on ou website so that you can write a message to the bike-rider to let him/her know what time the bike can be picked up, etc.

Step 3

At the end of the booking, we ask you to give feedback about the person who whose bike was hired. You will receive an email asking for feedback. By providing us with feedback on the bike hire, you can help us improve our bikesurfing service and help our whole community.


Do you need a bike?

Step 1

Look for a bike Register on our website. Choose which city you wish to rent the bike in. Once you have chosen a city, you can see a list of bikes available for hire by navigating over the map and zooming in on a suburb of interest. You can specify a particular location and look only for bikes that are available in the area of interest to you. Using the search filters for 'User height', 'Reservation Date' and 'Bike Type' , you can see immediately if the bicycle you are interested in is available for the time you need.

Step 2

Options Once you have chosen the bike or bikes that you want, click on 'Book it' (you can select more than one bike at a time).

Step 3

Wait for a response from the bike owner or owners whose bikes you have requested. You will receive an email and a message on your dashboard.

Step 4

From the responses that you receive from the bike owners, choose one bike and click on 'Book it'.

Step 5

Once both parties have reconfirmed the booking, you will receive by email and message contact information for the other party (telephone number and address). Only at this point will the messaging interface on the website be activated and you will then be able to write a message to the bike owner and arrange a time to pick up the bike.

Step 6

At the end of the booking, we will ask you to provide some feedback on the bike hire. You will receive an email requesting your feedback on the bike owner will improve the bikesurfing service and will help our community.