Bikesurfing is a project of Ciclomurgia, winner of the [tender/competition] for "Puglia on Pedals" which was promoted by the Regional Department of Strategic Infrastructure and Mobility.
The Ciclomurgia Association manages two bike rental outlets in the National Park of Alta Murgia. One
outlet is near the Poggiorsini train station and the second outlet is near the [ticket booth] for Pescariello (Altamura) train station. Both outlets offer a weekly schedule of activities and excursions between April and the end of October. Full details are available at and are also published in our newsletter. You can subscribe to our newsletter at .
In addition, we work with a wide variety of schools throughout Puglia to promote sustainable bicycle
mobility projects in urban and suburban areas by way of environmental education projects. Examples
include Bicibus (bike-and-bus), bicycle workshops (run by Cyclomurgia) and street education workshops.